While the eye is getting green, the mind is going blank.   This blankness is a  required field.  It makes new room for the impress of greenly pointed, piquant territories, for the needle-green eyes of jealousy, for the green-fields-far-away of pop-interment, for the green shutters of a challenging, wolf-grandmother house, for the green door behind which (hello, Marilyn Chambers!) are proceeding sexual activities of considerable inventiveness and athleticism, for the green brigades of inexplicable military onslaught, for the emerald-green fulfillment of the shining City of Oz.  Oh yes and for the Green Movement: too late too late, it's always too late for organized goodness.  See the little Ferris wheel in the lower part of the left photograph? That's a Negotiation Wheel (see Carol Reed's 1949 film The Third Man).  You climb aboard and revolve (like the poor brain itself) while deciding how much green you can handle.