#68: Roadblock

(I Wrote a Zig-Zag Poem)

     Well of course who hasn’t? They happens when you tire, when your energy flags. You can’t keep on the road.
I wrote one with a woman “falling back onto her bed in a drift of powder,” while the boyish poet, presumably her
lover, is immediately described as “vertical
as a candle flame” (with “one marble foot
on the sudden floor”).  This young man—for I am certain he was young—is somehow (rather touchingly) “astonished
at his being permitted "to see a woman in solitude.”
     There are weary automobile headlights leaping ahead of this photograph, raking across these lines of poetry--like in David Lynch's Lost Highway.
     David Lynch recently made a fifteen minute zig-zag commercial for Dior. It's opulent, rakish, tedious, brilliant and stupid.  It's called Lady Blue Shanghai and you can watch it, if you need to, on YouTube