#72 BRANDishing

The Prose Part:

Let's say this is a dark digital racing machine, big and full of rain, a storm cloud on wheels, powered by its sponsors.  The shoe too is fast and emblazoned with phonemes of commercial endorsement (the only phonemes of encouragement that count).  Sponsors are like eagles, faster than the car or the sneakers, always first at the finish line. What used to be achievement is now only performance. What used to be Personal Best is now...oh, well you know, only money in the bank.

The Poetry Part:

a racing car
is covered with
stickers and logos
that support
the car's body
by themselves,
the body being
only a soap bubble
against any heavier weight

the sneaker the car
is becoming
is just as laden
with signage
as the car
the only thing
with more swatches
and speed lines
is a big sappy trailer
or a ponderous RV