#73: Riddle Distance

Why is a white horse like a golden rose?
Why is a raven like a writing desk?
Why is the sea like a glass of water?
Why is Donald Trump like a bag of chips?

"Riddles!" said Alice. "Oh now we shall have some fun!!"  But she never did,.

Why is a hammer like a doughnut hole?
Why is a drummer like a field of fingers?
Why is a kitten like a sheet of sandpaper?
Why is my alarm clock like a stepladder?

"Are you actually having fun?" the Mad Hatter asked her.  "No!" she said. "These are horrible riddles!  They don't lead anywhere!"  The Hatter smiled his bony smile.  "And where would you like to be lead?" he asked her. Alice had no answer so she kicked the Hatter savagely in the shin and sat down on a mushroom to weep.