#78: The Parliament of Fowls

[working with the photo titled "The Wide Geese Start Along with Crows on City Wall"]

     The wall at the right looks like the wall on Skull Island, built to keep King Kong from snacking on the terrified natives.  It's an admirable resting place for birds--a formidable monolith that might be a shard of Nebuchadnezzar II's palace at Babylon--with  roosting room for a million crows.
     Lee Ka-sing describes the geese he has in mind (in the photo at the left) as "wide"--as in "wide-bodied jet airplane."  But knowing his cunning, he may simply be toughing out a typo; he may have meant that his geese were "wild" rather than "wide.". Perhaps they are both.  Maybe his "wide" geese have wingspans like albatrosses.
     Nothing is better than birds flying--and touching down to rest.  I wish I could do both.