Adjacency #55: An Orchid in the Mirror

Hi Ka-sing,

Here's a  text for Adjacency #55.  It's a poem from a unique, handmade book Malgorzata and I constructed for ourselves over a decade ago, our Orchid Book.  I wrote 46 orchid poems for it, and she provided line drawings and watercolours as illustrations.  Here is one of those poems--called An Orchid in the Mirror:

The doubling of the orchid
is a calamitous irony,
"Damned be the mirror that reflects you"
wrote Ronsard,
watering the eye rather than the image,
turning its back on the other
with its back turned to it.

Take the mirror in your arms
like a woman, like squinting envy,
with the orchid
dangling like a decoy
over the abyss
of your multiplied life.
The orchid can irritate you
back home again
where this equals something else
and not that