#127: Songs From Afar (Traveling in Greece with a Guidebook)

Sounds From Afar

1) At The Hotel.

Where is the office?
I ask for a room on the second floor
I want a room with two beds
Have you got one on the first floor?
Can I see the room?
Have you nothing better?

I want a quiet room
I cannot sleep in this room,
there is too much noise
Have you nothing cheaper?
If you cannot give something better
I shall have to look elsewhere
Very well, I shall take this room

This room is not clean
The sheets on this bed are damp

It' very strange, these shoes
aren't mine,
I left mine here
where are they?
Have you seen them?
Oh yes sir, you are very obliging

2) In the Bar

Do you like better inside or outside?
As you like, I don't mind
What will you have?
I am thirsty and tired madam;
we have to go home the soonest possible
I want to go to bed

3) In the Bar, later

If you want to meet me again
you can call me up tomorrow
or some other time
Hope to see you again soon
how old are you?

4) Outside the Bar

Where are we going?
That man is following her everywhere
You are mistaken
I didn't do it
let me pass
I don't want to speak to you
leave me alone

I shall call a policeman
help! fire!